Kresge FreshLo National Planning Grant;
EHW was awarded $75,000 over one year to develop an implementation plan in the Garden Valley Neighborhood with food as a platform, integrating culture, arts, entrepreneurship and place-making activities.

Build Health National Challenge Grant;
As the lead organization, EHW was awarded $250,000 over two years to improve neighborhood health through partnership with MetroHealth, City of Cleveland, and others

Asthma Home Visit financial feasibility study

EHW was hired to complete a study that of home asthma triggers reduction for children previously hospitalized for asthma.

EHW is a sub-grantee for the HUD Lead Hazard Control Grants

EHW was recently awarded to the City of Cleveland the County Board of Health; NEORSD Brownfields Sub-Grantee; CNP Sub-Grantee