Originally organized as a volunteer group known as The Council on Hazardous Materials in 1980, EHW is Northeast Ohio’s longest standing environmental justice organization. This group of volunteers, consisting of concerned citizens and health professionals, began developing activities to educate the public about emerging concerns related to hazardous waste, pollution, and chemical accidents and how these impact human health and the overall environment.

As the work evolved and the need for community education continued to grow, The Council on Hazardous Materials was formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1983, with the name change to Environmental Health Watch happening in 1990.

Since its incorporation, EHW has engaged and convened concerned citizens and representatives regarding important and evolving environmental justice issues. EHW has partnered with numerous academic researchers throughout its history to further its understanding of environmental needs and develop new approaches to evolving environmental challenges. EHW has also worked together with local, county, and state policy makers to address critical health concerns and develop policies to best serve children and families.

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