Creating Healthy Homes in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Everyone can take steps to make their home and community healthier. Environmental Health Watch considers a home to be healthy if it meets five core criteria: clean, dry, energy-efficient, safe, and ventilated.

EHW offers a variety of healthy homes services to the public, including:

  • Educational presentations and workshops for neighbors, organizations, and schools

  • Information on obtaining Lead Risk Assessments and Lead Clearance testing

  • Information on low cost remediation of home health hazards, radon testing, and pest management

  • (coming Fall 2019) Our comprehensive EHW Healthy Homes Audit.™

    • The EHW Healthy Homes Audit.™ will identify potential health hazards or safety concerns your home before it causes any health issues. We will carefully assess your home for hazards such as lead, asthma triggers, mold, leaks, rodents, pests, and fall and trip hazards.

    • EHW will then help you prioritize repairs and find resources to help you take action to make your home healthier. Contact us below to be notified when the EHW Healthy Homes Audit.™ service will be available

EHW works with homeowners, tenants, landlords, housing professionals, and public officials to create healthy homes through public education, and by identifying and remediating home health hazards. The EHW Healthy Homes Model is a holistic approach that looks at homes as a system – where community, house condition, and how people use their home can all contribute to healthy families and children.

For over 40 years, EHW has worked with health care providers and local governments to identify and remediate home health hazards that can contribute to health conditions such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), and lead poisoning.

Through this work, we increase the affordability of housing by lowering utility costs and improving durability, make homes safer and healthier by identifying and removing hazards, prevent lead poisoning, improve indoor air quality, and reduce greenhouse gases and other adverse environmental impacts of housing.