EHW works with homeowners, tenants, landlords, housing professionals, and public officials to create healthy homes by identifying, remediating, training and educating stakeholders on home health hazards. A healthy home is defined many ways, but to be considered a healthy home by EHW, a home must meet five criteria: clean, dry, energy-efficient, safe, and ventilated.

Through this work, we hope increase the affordability of housing by lowering utility costs and improving durability, make homes safer and healthier  by identifying and removing hazards, improving indoor air quality,reducing greenhouse gases and other adverse environmental impacts of housing for all children and families.

We are able to complete this work through several avenues, including, lead clearance and risk assessments , home asthma trigger assessment, home hazard remediation, radon testing, pest control, and our comprehensive EHW Healthy Homes Audit.™