The EHW Healthy Homes Model is more than a service provided to families, we have perfected a holistic approach to reducing home health hazards for families and communities. Notoriously, the reduction or eradication of home health hazards has been solely focused on removing the singular hazard from the home and often neglected a key piece to ensuring real safety for families. That missing piece has been the engagement and education of the families. While removing home health hazards may provide a temporary solution to the problem, EHW believes in a more holistic approach. Engagement with families and educating about around home health hazards is required to ensuring long-term safety for children and families.

The EHW Healthy Homes Audit Tool and Certification was created to help identify potential health hazards or safety concerns in homes before it causes any health issues. The EHW will carefully assess your home for hazards such as lead, asthma triggers, mold, leaks, rodents, pests, fall and trip hazards, and other potentially harmful hazards in your home. EHW will then work with you to remediate your home and help provide education to ensure these hazards do not remain a problem. Finally, EHW will issue a certificate confirming that you have a healthy home!

What Makes a Healthy Home

To qualify as a healthy home under the EHW model, a home must meet the five criteria:


Do I need a EHW healthy home audit?

Because nearly 90% of homes in Cleveland were built before the 1978 ban of lead-based paint, EHW recommends that if you have not had your home assessed for lead and other health hazards that you do so immediately.

You may also consider an EHW healthy home audit if you meet any of the following: