House Republicans Must Halt Assault on Environment

Los Angeles Times, 10/21/11– Every day in 2011, Republicans have voted to weaken the EPA and the nation’s environmental laws. Their hide behind the falsehood “environment vs. jobs” in order to persuade their colleagues to support rollbacks of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. The Republican-led House is currently pushing passage of a law that would weaken standard compliance for power plants, delay upgrades to industrial boilers, and remove protections for America’s prized water bodies, including Lake Erie. EPA foes are trying to convince Americans that they have to choose between their health and their economy, which is a false choice. The EPA mercury and air-toxics standard would create 31,000 short term and 9,000 long-term jobs and reach health benefits of $140 billion by 2016. Republicans must stop this assault on the environment.

Read EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.

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