Home Energy Conservation Incentives

For help paying energy bills in Ohio

Weatherization program for energy efficiency improvements for renters and homeowners (income restrictions):

Renewable Energy Grants for Ohio homeowners:

To schedule a home energy assessment: call 1-877-287-3416 or visit www.deohpwes.com

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:

  • 2011 Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency: 10% of cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50- $300
    • Energy Star windows and storm windows
    • Energy Star doors and storm doors
    • Energy Star labeled metal roofs
    • Insulation, not including installation
    • Qualifying air conditioners
    • Qualifying 95% efficient furnaces
    • Qualifying hot water heaters
    • Biomass stove with thermal efficiency of 75%
  • 2011 Federal tax credits for renewable energy: 30% of cost, no limit
    • Solar photovoltaic
    • Small wind
    • Solar thermal
    • Geothermal


  • Eco Link: Low interest loans from the Ohio Treasurer for energy efficiency improvements using Energy Star Products and “Energy Star contractors”.
  • Low-interest loans for homes in the City of Cleveland that can be used to finance energy efficiency improvements.
  • Low-interest loans for homes in Cuyahoga County that can be used to finance energy efficiency improvements:

Energy Efficient Mortgages:

  • Energy Efficient Mortgages allow buyers to qualify for a larger loan, based on projected utility bill savings from energy efficiency improvements.

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