Affordable Green Housing Center

The Affordable Green Housing Center (AGHC) was established to help address the multiple environmental, health and economic problems related to housing in Northeast Ohio, particularly for low and middle-income families and communities. The AGHC provides educational resources, offers technical assistance to affordable green housing developers, fosters partnerships and demonstration projects, and advocates for appropriate public policies.

Healthy Housing Strategic Alliance

The Healthy Housing Strategic Alliance is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Affordable Green Housing Center. It seeks to:

  1. Foster and strengthen alliances for green and healthy housing in the region
  2. Create and implement an opportunity-based regional strategic plan
  3. Make best practice common practice
  4. Position Northeast Ohio as a national leader in achieving high performing, green and healthy housing
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Technical Services Provided

Mandy Metcalf is the Director of the Affordable Green Housing Center. Matt Berges is the Green Housing Manager for the Center. Mandy and Matt provide technical assistance to affordable green housing developers.

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