Indoor Asthma Triggers

Tips on controlling indoor asthma triggers

Trigger How to control it
Tobacco smoke Do not allow smoking in house or car.
Dust mites Cover pillows and mattresses with special mite-proof covers. Wash bedding frequently in hot water.
Dust & mold Wet clean and vacuum floors and surfaces with allergen-proof bags.
Cockroaches Clean home to rid of food and standing water.Don’t use pesticide sprays, fogs or bombs – they are not effective and can expose you to dangerous pesticides.

Use gel baits, bait stations, and boric acid.

Rodents Use snap traps, not poisons, to kill rodents.
Combustion products Home appliances that burn fuel produce irritant gases and fine particles that, if not properly vented, can trigger asthma attacks. Have the furnace, water heater, flues and chimney inspected each year, don’t use unvented (non-electric) space heaters, and do use exhaust fans vented to the outside.
Household products Avoid pesticides, solvents, building materials, and cleaning products with strong odors.

See Controlling Asthma Triggers in the Home (PDF) for more ways to control triggers.

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