EHW’s Asthma Projects

Pests and Asthma

Cockroach Allergen Reduction Project explored improved methods of cockroach control and allergen cleanup in three multi-family complexes operated by the public housing authority in Cleveland, Ohio. The study found that the combination of cockroach infestation reduction through precision-targeted IPM (including hot air flushing and HEPA vacuuming), a one-time professional cleaning based on the HUD lead dust cleaning protocol, occupant education and occupant on-going cleaning effort was able to substantially reduce cockroach allergen levels.

Moisture and Asthma

Cuyahoga County Urban Mold & Moisture Program (UMMP) explored the relationship between mold, moisture, asthma triggers and the respiratory health of children living in inner city neighborhoods throughout Greater Cleveland. Homes received environmental interventions focused on the reduction of water infiltration, removal of water damaged building materials, HVAC alterations, lead hazard control, and environmental cleaning. The project is described in Environmental Health Perspectives. UUMP materials:

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Healthy House Initiative (CCHHI) integrated weatherization and healthy house interventions and further refined the moisture interventions developed in the Urban Mold and Moisture Project. CCHHI materials:

Lead and Asthma

Environmental Health Watch was involved in a Lead & Asthma Project. EHW found that both asthma and lead poisoning disproportionately affect poor, minority, inner-city children. Asthma and lead poisoning also related to deteriorated housing conditions, and require similar repairs on the affected child’s home. Read the Lead/Asthma Overview.

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