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Climate Change
Community Environmental Health
Healthy Green Housing
Chemical Plant Safety

Climate Change

The Truth about Climate Change


The Koch Brothers and the Climate Denial Machine


The Link between Climate Change and Joplin Tornadoes


Climate Change: Should I Worry? The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See 2


Community Environmental Health

Gasification Plant Gets the Cold Shoulder

A Garden in Every Neighborhood

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules Illustrated

Rid-All Green Partnership: An Urban Farm in Cleveland

Community Engagement for Healthy Neighborhoods

Coal in University Circle? EHW’s Kim Foreman Testifies against Medical Center Company Permit Renewal

EHW’s Kim Foreman Speaks about Sustainability in Cleveland

Healthy Green Housing

Five Steps to Make Your Home Healthier

Grandma’s House

Home Energy Audit Can Save Homeowners $200/Year

Past Lead Exposure from Gasoline in Cleveland: A Study by Case Western Reserve University

Opportunities for Affordable Green and Healthy Housing in Greater Cleveland

IPM, Roaches and Asthma

Dust Does Not Discriminate

Putting Houses on the Path to Lower Energy Consumption

Arrest the Pests in Your Nest 2

DIY Weatherization: How to Seal Gaps and Cracks

DIY Weatherization: How to Weatherize Doors

Click here for another healthy house video

Chemical Plant Safety

World’s Worst Chemical Disaster- The Search for Justice Continues 26 Years Later


Don’t Let Congress Erase Our Safeguards!

Why Democracy Only Works when People Are in Charge

How to Solve Ohio’s Budget Crisis

Apple is a Tax Cheater!

Cleveland Water vs. Bottled Water: Cleveland Wins!

Water Conservation Efforts in Northeast Ohio

Toxic Chemicals Cartoon

How to Be a Follower

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