Previous EHW Projects

  • Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Healthy House Initiative: (abstract) The Cleveland Cuyahoga County Healthy House Initiative integrated weatherization and healthy house interventions and further refined the moisture interventions developed in the Urban Mold and Moisture Project.
  • Cockroach Allergen Reduction Using Precision-Targeted IPM and the Lead Dust Cleaning Protocol (abstract): This project explored improved methods of cockroach control and allergen cleanup in three multi-family complexes operated by the public housing authority in Cleveland, Ohio. Read the final report here.
  • Impact of Soil Lead Hazard Control Measures on Exterior and Interior Dusts (abstract): EHW conducted the field work for a study of the impact of soil remediation on lead contamination of soil, exterior dust and interior dust. EHW staff collected soil and dust samples from house where soil lead hazard control work was and was not done under the HUD-funded Lead Hazard Control Program in Cleveland from 1993-1998. Two methods of collecting exterior dust samples were compared. Partners: Department of Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati. Funding: HUD Lead Research Grant.
  • Long Term Follow-up of Home Environmental Remediation for Mold and Moisture: See a Powerpoint about the study here.
  • Mold/Moisture in Homes and Children’s Respiratory Health: This project investigated the relationship between children’s respiratory diseases, such as asthma and pulmonary hemorrhage, and mold and excessive moisture in their homes and evaluated environmental intervention strategies. EHW’s work included: 1) assistance in development of a visual assessment procedure for mold and moisture problems in housing, 2) assistance development of treatment specifications for correction of mold, moisture, and roach problems in housing, 3) occupant education on control of housing-related health hazards, and 4) quality control of environmental assessment. See also our information on mold and mositure interventions. Findings from the study are reported in an article in Environmental Health Perspectives. Partners: CWRU Medical School, University Hospital, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, County Department of Development, Cleveland Housing Network. Funding: HUD Healthy House Initiative grant to the Cuyahoga County Department of Development.

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