Our Green Office

EHW is located in the first historic green building in Cleveland. Completed in 2003, the building was the first commercial retrofit in Ohio to earn LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It combines recycled building materials, a geothermal building heating and cooling system and a green roof to provide a healthier, more sustainable office environment. Check out an overview of all the cool features of the building and read more below:

  • LEED Certification: The building was the first in Cleveland to achieve LEED certification version 2.0 in the categories of: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovation and design process.
  • Site Selection: The building is a renovated historic Cleveland Trust Bank branch with much of the original character intact.
  • Alternative Transportation: The building is close to the RTA train stop and major bus stops and has a bike rack next to the building as well as showers and locker areas.
  • Water Efficiency: The parking lot of the building features a graded surface with a large perforated container underground that allows storm water to slowly be absorbed. The restrooms contain motion-sensing faucets, low-flow toilets and waterless urinals. The faucets run on a water-powered turbine which require no outside electricity.
  • Green Roof: The roof holds native plants that slowly absorb rainwater and naturally air-condition the building. Other parts of the roof feature a white Energy Star compliant material which is highly reflective and has high emissivity, allowing the roof to maintain a lower summer temperature. The roof also serves as a lunch spot with a picnic table.
  • Recycling & Reuse: 100% of the building’s shell, over 50% of the building’s original interior and 75% of the construction waste was reused in the building’s redesign. Each floor has a centralized recycling area.
  • Energy Reduction & Ozone Protection: The building contains occupancy-sensor lighting, BP-Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof and HCFC/Halon-free HVAC, refrigeration and fire-supression systems.
  • Green Building Materials: The building uses bamboo flooring, recycled carpeting, argon-filled windows, non-VOC Harmony Paints, and recycled, moveable walls.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Each zone of the building has a heat pump, a CO2 monitor, low VOC/formaldehyde-emitting materials and large windows to let in natural light.
  • Building Performance & Geothermal Heating: Because of its green features, the building uses approx. 67% less energy than its standard equivalent, saving around $26,000/year in energy costs. It also pollutes 330,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 1 million pounds of sulfur dioxide and 430,000 pounds of nitrous dioxide less each year than its standard equivalent. The building also utilizes a geothermal heating system under its parking lot to heat the building.

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